Over-Seeding & Aeration

Annual turf aeration and overseeding are two methods for improving the looks and health of lawn areas. These procedures are done preferably in the fall, but are also effective when done in the early spring. Peach Tree Inc. Landscaping is well experienced with managing turf aeration and overseeding for the types of turf areas found in central Tennessee.

Turf Aeration by core plugging is a process that helps the soil by puncturing it with a special machine that removes small cores from the soil. Cores are reabsorbed into the lawn naturally. Core plugging turf areas encourages healthy growth by reducing soil compaction. The core holes allow air and water to get deep into the top layer of soil and help get nutrients and seeds into the soil. This is an important process to help stimulate root growth.

Aeration is an effective way to renew lawn areas that have heavy traffic or that are looking old and patchy. Peach Tree professional landscaping crews perform aeration and overseeding for many clients in towns across this area, including Murfreesboro, Manchester, Brentwood, Bowling Green, Gallatin, Spring Hill and Nashville.

Overseeding is another important annual lawn treatment that is frequently performed after core plugging to introduce new grass coverage to an area. Seeds are distributed over the existing lawn areas to boost new grass growth and help eliminate patchy or brown areas. Peach Tree performs overseeding with a premium turf type fescue grass following core plugging.

Peach Tree Landscape professional work crews are familiar with all soil conditions in the central Tennessee area. They take care when doing aeration to avoid damage to any sprinkler heads, underground shallow lines, and underground utility, cable or septic lines.

Call Peach Tree for your annual aeration and overseeding of lawn areas in the fall or springtime for best results. Attractive and healthy lawn areas require regular maintenance and care. Peach Tree is an award winning landscape and irrigation company located in Central Tennessee.