Thank you for spending the extra time with [us] in reviewing the recently completed new plant installation project. Your crew did an excellent job in neatness and working compactly so as to keep the neighborhood disturbance to a minimum. We are glad that we trusted your judgement in changing the plans that our prior Landscaping Company proposed. We think this turned out better and will lay an excellent foundation as we continue to add to it over the next 4-6 years. It was also beneficial to begin discussion on next year’s project at this time while reviewing this work. Several residents complimented you [the account manager – Luis Carmona] personally in dealing with them during this project. As with all THOA communities we have a couple of hyper opinionated owners. Quite frankly you handled them better than our last two Landscapers. Saving the Board much consternation. The Board of the Alderon Woods THOA thinks we are off to a great start on what we hope is a long  term relationship. 

Max Mashoney

The homeowners all agreed you guys have been the best landscaping they’ve had here.

Matthew Villalovos
Community Manager

I have taken over this property for only a few months and I can say that I truly enjoy working with Luis Sosa and his team. They have been extremely professional and efficient in all matters. I really appreciate his efforts and all the work he has committed to over the years with the community. Thank you again for having a great team and look forward to working more with ya!

Michael S. Cruz
Client Care Manager
KRJ Association Management

We have the most awesome landscapers…they do such a great job, same crew and they are treating ant beds and weeds…thank you!

Patty Haefele
Property Manager

At the annual meeting last night, every seat in the room was filled and everyone, without exception, said that you all were doing a great job and they were very glad that we changed companies. I have not heard that kind of enthusiasm about landscapers in a long time.

Patty H.

For the past eleven years it has been my pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Landscapes USA Houston in the management of our exterior landscaping. Landscapes USA Houston has handled the maintenance and management of the exterior landscaping at the campus for more than twenty-two years. Not by default, I will add, the maintenance is competitively bid every three years and Landscapes USA Houston consistently is awarded the contract based on economics, experience, and a proven track record. I highly recommend the Landscapes USA Houston team. All aspects of the company are a pleasure to work with from the people in the office doing the accounting to the guys out in the field.

Jack H.

Landscapes USA Houston has been the trusted lawn service company for our association going on 30 years. With attention to detail, their complete lawn care keeps our properties beautiful, groomed, and safe. Small and large items are addressed promptly by these experts in the field, with caring and courteous employees working at all levels in the company.

Debbie A.