Irrigation Repairs & Upgrades

Although there are differences among water demands, most commercial landscaping will benefit from irrigation that supplements natural precipitation, especially during prolonged heat and drought.

Why Water Matters so Much

Water is essential for supporting plant life.

  • It is the carrier in which dissolved minerals enter and move about in plants.
  • It is necessary for photosynthesis, the chemical conversion of sunlight into carbohydrates, to occur.
  • Plant and environmental cooling occurs as a result of water release through leaves and blades as vapor.
  • Finally, water has a structural role in maintaining plant rigidity.

Benefits of Proper Irrigation

There are several benefits derived from proper irrigation. When lawns and landscape are properly watered, appearance is maintained tenant occupancy and property value increases. In addition, proper irrigation often decreases weed invasion and allows lawn grasses to better tolerate insect and disease pressure.

On the other hand, improper irrigation practices results in either too much water or too little which can lead to poor lawn grass health and increased weed, insect and disease problems.

  • Excessive watering can lead to a shallow turf root system and weed and pest invasions.
  • Under-watered turf becomes open and sparse, develops a poor appearance, allowing weed invasion.

Pest problems or poor culture aside, the presence of an adequate quantity of water during summer is the environmental factor that determines whether a lawn is green and growing or brown and dormant. Thus, supplemental irrigation is essential during many summers to maintain green, actively growing lawns.

Irrigation System Features

Our irrigation systems are custom-designed to fit your commercial property, so the water will get to the areas it needs to. They allow for precise control over the amount of water that is applied, keeping water bills within budget.

  • A lawn irrigation system operates on an automatic timer. The timer turns your system on and off on the days and times that you choose.
  • Irrigation systems are affordable, convenient and time saving.
  • Pop-up sprinkler heads appear only when operating and disappear into the ground when not in use.
  • You conserve water because you don’t have to worry about over-watering, nor will you be wasting water in run-off areas.
  • In addition, systems fitted with a rain sensor will shut themselves off when it is raining.
  • Sprinkler systems actually increase the value of your property.

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